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Since our start, The Liquidity Source has provided financing to some of the most overlooked and misunderstood lending opportunities in the commercial real estate industry.

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What can we help you with?

PERmanent Financing

Financing structured to your needs

Access funding from an institution tailored to the development project, customized to suit the owner's unique needs.

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We help our clients get the optimal terms for their projects

We review all specifics and challenges and needs of the members, then deliver the best suitable institution.

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NON-QM loans

A more desirable solution for investors

For those who cannot meet the strict criteria of mainstream institutions, we have opportunistic banks that can deliver funding at realistic rates and not incur “hard money loans”.

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Negotiate the right loan

Help you identify your financing needs, assess your financial capabilities and negotiate the right loan

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You don't have to take our word for it

We are a relationship driven firm and believe that our success is not only determined by the returns we generate for our investors, but by the relationships we build with our borrowers.

“Market competitors were getting better terms from their bank, but after working with the same bank for several years we didn’t know where to go and didn’t want to be limited to only one bank. The Liquidity Source successfully guided us through permanent financing and helped us save a considerable amount of money compared to the terms we negotiated with the bank who provided the construction financing. Stuart has a tremendous network of senior mezzanine and private lenders. He works incredibly hard to understand the deal, and his diligence is equally impressive. Stuart’s natural talent as a financial auditor and his keen understanding of financial reports helped to expedite the due diligence process. I often get asked why we work with mortgage bankers. The truth is the fee we pay is earned in several ways. The access to multiple lending arms can drive proceeds, rates and terms. It can also drastically increase the profitability of the development. This can come with increased flexibility and prepayment options.” - Greg DeRosa, CEO of G2D Group

Greg  DeRosa, CEO of G2D Group

“Our solution driven team brings seasoned experience that covers every aspect of real estate financing, deal negotiation, and closure."

Stuart Gelb,  President of The Liquidity Source


Long Island Gyms

Our financial analysis identified cash flow issues. We lowered the owners’ property rate with a longer-term, reviewed all loans, including equipment financing, resulting in all debt savings of over $275,000 a year.

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Tribeca Deal

COVID-19 caused non-revenue, low DSCR (debt service coverage ratio), DOB landmark issues, and immediate financial needs, which we delivered with excellent rates.

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Multifamily Deal

Owners looked for the highest LTV (loan to value), best rate, longest amortization period, lowest fees, non-recourse interest only for one year and we delivered on everything.

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