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Solution driven financing, customized to our clients' needs

Unique process when applying for a loan by understanding ones needs first before looking for the best funding options and final solution.

The Liquidity Source Advantage


Access funding from an institution tailored to the development project, customized to suit the owners unique needs.


We  review all specifics and challenges and needs of the members, then deliver the best suitable institution.


For those who cannot meet the strict criteria of mainstream institutions, we have opportunistic banks that can deliver funding at realistic rates and not incur “hard money loans”.

Facilitating the funding process, from start to finish

  • Assist in developing a financial strategy for your property
  • Underwrite and package necessary information in a format acceptable to all lending institutions
  • Help you select the appropriate lender and negotiate the most favorable terms on your behalf
  • Work with your counsel and lender’s counsel to ensure a timely closing
  • Provide follow-up service on any post-closing issues and future re/financing needs

Featured Deals

Multifamily Deal

Owners looked for the highest LTV (loan to value), best rate, longest amortization period, lowest fees, non-recourse interest only for one year and we delivered on everything.

Tribeca Deal

COVID-19 caused non-revenue, low DSCR (debt service coverage ratio), DOB landmark issues, and immediate financial needs, which we delivered with excellent rates.

Long Island Gym Deal

Our financial analysis identified cash flow issues. We lowered the owners’ property rate with a longer-term, reviewed all loans, including equipment financing, resulting in all debt savings of over $275,000 a year.

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Built to deliver unparalleled client experience

Our process is designed to deliver the right solution for clients across industries in an efficient, seamless manner. We are known for our:

Concierge-style service

Creative thinking

Simplifying complex issues

Quick response

Broad range of deal sizes

Objective & transparent approach

You don't have to take our word for it

We are a relationship driven firm and believe that our success is not only determined by the returns we generate for our investors, but by the relationships we build with our borrowers.

We wanted to ensure that we were getting the absolute best rate and terms possible and we were virtually guaranteed that by Liquidity Source because we were not obligated to take any deal presented by them unless it was the best deal. Finding a bank with the most favorable terms/rate for the refinancing of our commercial building. We got a really great deal done with a bank they found for us. It was a pleasant process working with Stuart. He was extremely responsive to every communication channel and he really worked hard to keep the deal moving forward despite a few obstacles that arose along the way. Stuart has a great understanding of numbers and what deals are most favorable to a specific circumstance. He was also extremely easy to contact and always available.

Michael Tucci, CEO of Energy Fitness

Get the financing you need with The Liquidity Source.

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