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Benjamin Doe
CEO, Company Name

"Market competitors were getting better terms from their bank, but after working with the same bank for several years we didn’t know where to go and didn’t want to be limited to only one bank. The Liquidity Source successfully guided us through permanent financing and helped us save a considerable amount of money compared to the terms we negotiated with the bank who provided the construction financing. Robert and Stu have a tremendous network of senior mezzanine and private lenders. Stuart works incredibly hard to understand the deal, and his diligence is equally impressive. Stuart’s natural talent as a financial auditor and his keen understanding of financial reports helped to expedite the due diligence process. I often get asked why we work with mortgage bankers. The truth is the fee we pay is earned in several ways. The access to multiple lending arms can drive proceeds, rates and terms. It can also drastically increase the profitability of the development. This can come with increased flexibility and prepayment options."

Greg DeRosa
CEO of G2D Group

"We wanted to ensure that we were getting the absolute best rate and terms possible and we were virtually guaranteed that by Liquidity Source because we were not obligated to take any deal presented by them unless it was the best deal. Finding a bank with the most favorable terms/rate for the refinancing of our commercial building. We got a really great deal done with a bank they found for us. It was a pleasant process working with Stuart. He was extremely responsive to every communication channel and he really worked hard to keep the deal moving forward despite a few obstacles that arose along the way. Stuart has a great understanding of numbers and what deals are most favorable to a specific circumstance. He was also extremely easy to contact and always available."

Michael Tucci
Energy Fitness

“We were actively looking for new financing, and Stuart and The Liquidity Source came highly recommended from our accountant. The Liquidity Source was able to find the right financing at the right time and price.  Stuart was in constant communication with us and willing to assist during the process providing excellent advice and creative ideas. Stuart’s relationship with the lender was extremely beneficial in helping negotiate and close a successful transaction.”

Larry Cohen
Norgate Technology, Inc.

“SS&G has used Stuart Gelb on several occasions in an investment banking role to secure debt in some difficult deals. He was successful in all cases, in situations that I doubt we would have succeeded in alone. He has a tremendous network of senior, mezzanine and private lenders. He also works incredibly hard to understand the deal, and his diligence is equally impressive.”

Gary Shamis
Winding River Consulting, CPA, M. Acc., Managing Director, SS&G

“With the help of Stuart Gelb of The Liquidity Source, P&F Industries was able to identify and resolve specific financial challenges surrounding our business over the course of the last year. His leadership and advice helped establish us with a new financial institution better equipped to accelerate our success and take the company to the next level. Stuart is an invaluable adviser and consultant. I am confident that his expertise and guidance greatly contributed to the rapid growth we’ve achieved over the past 18 months.”

Richard Horowitz
Chairman, President and CEO, P&F Industries Inc.

“The Liquidity Source is a great asset for the referral of deals in the trade finance arena. Stuart Gelb is a complete professional with invaluable experience in supply chain management, wholesale, retail and trade financing. Stuart’s succinct insight into the working cash flow needs of an SME makes him one of the best financial matchmakers in our industry. Stuart’s natural talent as a financial auditor and his keen understanding of financial reports helps both lenders and borrowers expedite the due diligence process. Stuart’s vast relationship network and his persistence in seeing through a deal is the difference between profit and loss for his clients.”

Chris Chang
CEO, DS-Concept Factoring Inc./Tradewind