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Multifamily Deal

Owners looked for the highest LTV (loan to value), best rate, longest amortization period, lowest fees, non-recourse interest only for one year and we delivered on everything.

Tribeca Deal

COVID-19 caused non-revenue, low DSCR (debt service coverage ratio), DOB landmark issues, and immediate financial needs, which we delivered with excellent rates.

Long Island Gym Deals

Our financial analysis identified cash flow issues. We lowered the owners’ property rate with a longer-term, reviewed all loans, including equipment financing, resulting in all debt savings of over $275,000 a year.

Mixed-use in Brooklyn

The Liquidity Source was able to get bank financing for a Brooklyn owner who thought her only option was "hard money." Our team achieved a 2-million-dollar interest-only loan at 4.75%, with the ability to refinance when construction was complete and the building was stabilized.

Pandemic Cashflow Issues

After losing a ground floor tenant with a $300,000 annual lease, we found a traditional bank to loan $1.0 million, interest-only up to 5 years, non-recourse at 5.0%. The tenant could use it as a supplement until the pandemic ended, and they could pay down the loan or get a long-term deal at any bank at aggressive rates.

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